How I got here pt. I

Holed up in bed for two days I've had heaps of time to scour the big wide internet for the sort of things that I want to be doing.

I wasn't a creative growing up, I didn't draw or paint. I played multiple instruments but I was never drawn to creating new music unless there was a specific purpose, I didn't create for the joy of creating.

At 17 I was lucky enough to be thrust into a creative industry surrounded by some of the most amazing creative people I had ever met. Painters and sculptors who had to work what they did in with the practicality of builders and set designers - and all of this not just to look good in real life but to the exposing nature of a camera lens (or two in this case). My role amongst these people was not to be creative but to foster their creativity by taking care of some of the practical aspects of the department. They would sketch - I would scan. They would paint - I would try and replicate the colours. 

This worked really well for me It gave me a chance to learn the software and the processes that these amazing people used to get the crazy shit that went on in their brains down onto paper.

How do you become a "creative"? It's a word Iv'e used in this post already but not one I really like. It seems like something used by the advertising industry to take artists from strange recluse to something more accessible and easier to monetize. That isn't what I want. I'm not discovering the joy of writing and drawing and making things just for the joy of it. I don't think I'm there yet but it's underway and it feels more and more like it's what I should be doing.